Uproar as Gloucestershire care home admits to bathing elderly residents ‘less than once a week’

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A care home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire has been rated ‘inadequate’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after it was found the home had committed five breaches of the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

In one case, an elderly patient who has dementia was not allowed to sit down by staff at Nazareth House. Residents missed medicine dosages and the CQC reported some residents were being bathed less than once a week.

The CQC inspector wrote: “One member of staff was supporting a person who was walking with another person. This staff member refused to let the person sit down when they wished to do so and did not understand the reasons for the person’s anxieties.”

An en-suite bathroom and bedroom door were left open by a care worker after assisting the resident to use the toilet. The report noted the incident made the resident upset and the resident could be heard from the corridor, but the staff member did not seek to reassure the resident.

It was also found three members of staff had not received any training on dementia. The manager (at the time of inspection) has moved on and Nazareth House has apologised.

Robert York, Nazerath Care’s UK CEO, said: “Lessons have been learned by everyone involved and with close liaison with the Care Quality Commission we are confident the next report will reflect the changes already being implemented.”

The home cared for 55 elderly people at the time of the inspection in June.

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  1. There is visibly a bunch to know about this. You’ve made good points and it seems the CQC rating was accurate in this case.

  2. Unfortunately there is no legalities about the bathing situation, but the breaches in the Health and Social care Act was frustrating to read about. How are there still care homes in existence that are just unsafe for the elderly?

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