Care in this country is in crisis, whether it is delivered in our hospitals, care homes or people's own homes.

‘The Quality Care Campaign’ is focused on showing the good side of care, and championing quality services throughout the social care sector.

The unique element of this campaign is that it is devised and led by the social care sector itself, and we are anxious to encourage everyone who works in residential or domiciliary services, to throw themselves behind the campaign and to start redrawing the views society has of the services we provide, and the impact they make.

Key Campaign Issues:

  • Call on Government to work with the Independent care sector to develop a new care system model fit for purpose
  • Re-define the role of the residential care sector
  • Allow market forces to influence the development of care services
  • Engage with and treat the care sector with the same respect as other sector small businesses
  • Re-define the role of local authorities and commissioners in relation to the care sector
  • Restore public faith in care homes and highlight the vital role they play
  • Review Health & Social Care budgets to end unnecessary bed blocking
  • Introduce sustainable funding for long term care
  • Recognise ‘quality providers’ through independent ‘quality’ accreditation schemes
  • Integrate Health & Social care to encourage innovation and partnerships
  • Give genuine choice to vulnerable citizens about the care and services available and where they can receive them

The business model, that the care sector has been developed with over the last 20 years, has fundamental flaws, which have contributed to the ‘crisis of care’ currently in this country. Without radical changes, the care sector will never be able to contribute and participate in the many exciting challenges and opportunities ahead.

There are lots of opportunities for people to have their say and express their commitment to quality care. We at the Quality Care Campaign want everyone who uses, works in, or knows somebody who has been touched by good care to pledge their support and join this campaign.

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