Plymouth care home where residents are friends with staff rated ‘outstanding’ by inspectors

Douglas House, a residential care home in Plymouth, has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The health watchdog carried out an inspection, unannounced, in August over two days – and were positive about what they found.

Douglas House provides accommodation and supports the needs to people with a learning disability and associated conditions such as autism. The CQC report praised the home and noted how residents views the staff team as their friends.

The CQC report said: “We met with all four residents during our visit and observed some interaction between them and the staff. People has capacity and were able to verbalise their views and staff also used other methods of communication, for example visual choices and information sharing. The focus was on including people and seeking their involvement in every aspect of their lives.”

The report also said there were sufficient numbers of staff to meet people’s needs and support residents with activities and trips out and residents received the one-to-one support they needed.

At the time of inspection, there were four people living at the home.

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  1. This is, what I feel, caring is all about. Residents will feel a lot more at ease with adapting to their surroundings if they get on with the carers that work there. Good work!

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