Public define what they think #OldIs with tweets

As we continue in 2019, Independent Age has been asking the public to tweet what they believe being old means by using the hashtag #OldIs.

A 24-year old man named Charlie said being #OldIs ‘having my own family.’ However, 73 year old Betty disagreed and said: “I don’t feel old because I have a busy lifestyle and four grand-kiddies.”

Professor Martin Green OBE, chief executive of Care England, has called the UK institutionally ageist.

He said: “God alone knows why it hasn’t been challenged in the courts in the same way that instances of racism and homophobia are.”

One pensioner used the #OldIs hashtag to say: ‘#OldIs working ’til we die as #government deny our earned #pensions.

‘Women have done everything expected of us, paid our dues from 15/16, planned our retirement, to collect pension at expected age of 60, government added 6 years to pension age, me, not notified!’

The question posed by Independent Age has sparked more than a few witty tweets with one post saying: ‘#OldIs when your partner says “Let’s go upstairs and make love” & you reply “I can’t do both!”.’

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