The Mission

The Quality Care Campaign is a social care focused, not for profit organisation
working as part of a national initiative to drive up standards, recognise and support
good care providers, encourage innovation for future sustainability and celebrate
exceptional care.

The campaign is comprised of sector leading social care experts who are passionate
about improving the quality of care for all vulnerable people in need of it. We are also
committed to engaging with anyone who supports the following campaign goals:

  • 5 star Reputation
  • 5 star Workforce
  • 5 star Commissioning
  • 5 star Funding
  • 5 star Regulation

Read more about the primary goals of the Quality Care Campaign here

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Ten arrested over Whorlton Hall alleged abuse of patients with learning difficulties at a hospital, following under cover filming by BBC Panorama.

Eastbourne care home reunites elderly couple.

Government urged to give families of care home residents stronger powers to complain.

There is no ‘typical’ older person. Communities and countries need adaptable policies.

(image: @WHO) #gerontology #geriatrics #aging

Sadly fall deaths of the elderly have soared 70% in less than a decade.

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