National Care Forum responds to first speech made by Matt Hancock

The National Care Forum has responded to the points made by Matt Hancock following his speech made to the Health and Social care select committee, as the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of NCF said: “The announcement that the social care Green Paper will cover all of adult social care is most welcome. However, it comes very late in the day for a paper due to be launched in the Autumn and it will be essential the government engages immediately with all parties in social care to ensure that the voices from people who use services at all stages of their adult life are at the heart of the final document.”

In the budget announcement in March 2017 it was announced a Green Paper would be held on social care. The publication of the Green Paper has been delayed numerous times and in June 2018, the previous secretary of state delayed it until the Autumn after an announcement that a 10-year plan for the NHS would be developed. Mr Rayner said: “We need the Secretary of State to take his inclusive approach to social care to the next level and ensure that the resources of his department give adequate recognition to the life changing impact of social care.”

The government have said the Green Paper will discuss the integration with health and other services, carers, workforces and technological developments. They will also consider domestic and international comparisons as part of the preparation for the Green Paper. To find out more, please visit the Parliament UK website.

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