‘Outstanding’ Devon care home thrilled as residents experience new sensory garden

Enjoying the many activities in their sensory garden

Residents at a care home in Sidmouth, Devon were excited to explore the home’s newly-opened sensory garden.

Malden House unveiled its brand-new sensory area to residents and guests in September.

The sensory garden, which took eight weeks to plan and create, was designed to be both visually exciting and provide multiple health benefits for the residents – most of whom live with dementia.

Dementia is often associated with poor concentration, feeling confused and memory loss, so the home’s garden has now become a vital aspect of the residents’ daily life at Malden House.

Tsafir Gryman, maintenance man, said: “We always wanted to include scented and edible plants because they have a positive effect on the body, mind and home.

“There’s something satisfying about nurturing a plant and our residents have been involved with it all.”

Malden House received ‘outstanding’ in the ‘effective,’ ‘caring,’ ‘responsive,’ and ‘well-led’ categories during their inspection in February 2018.

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