‘Make improvements’, a Bristol care home is told

A care home in Bedminster, Bristol has been told it must improve following its failure to make significant changes in a recent inspection.

Osborne Court Care Home was inspected over two days in August following a 2017 inspection where they were rated as ‘requires improvement.’

Osborne Court Care Home has been told it needs to improve

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said the home, owned by Four Seasons Health Care, was less than satisfactory in the safety, effectiveness and leadership categories – despite inspectors praise for the caring attitude of staff.

The report, published in September, raises the ongoing concerns to medication distribution, which was also raised during their 2017 inspection.

Four Seasons implemented a 10-point checklist for staff to follow at the end of their shifts, but it was discovered staff were not properly completing them prior to the inspectors visit. Inspectors also found prescribed pain-relief and over the counter medicine were not accurately recorded or maintained.

Staff told inspectors they had received basic training to tackle day-to-day tasks but would welcome additional training to help them deal with resident’s specific needs.

The CQC report said staff felt under-valued and there were incidents of conflict as well as a lack of trust within the staff team.

Staff levels were recorded as an issue, with staff saying they felt unable to speak to residents and provide the ‘little extras that people need.’

A spokesman for Four Seasons Health Care said: “The CQC inspectors said that people living at Osbourne Court were cared for by staff who were kind and caring and who treated them with compassion, dignity and respect. Residents and relatives said that staff were knowledgeable and understood their needs.

“The inspectors saw that staff were helpful and friendly and people looked relaxed and comfortable in their presence. They provided reassurance and emotional support to people when needed. It was clear that staff had developed trusting relationships with people they were looking after.

“Since the inspection we have made further improvements to staffing levels and to management oversight to ensure that any aspects of care that need addressing are quickly identified and acted on. The inspectors acknowledged that when they inspected there were sufficient staff on duty and they were assured by the improving rotas for the weeks after the inspection.”


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