Government are planning a social care tax, report says

A report has said plans for a new social care levy are being considered by the government as part of the autumn’s Green Paper on social care.

National newspaper, The Sun, has said the social care tax was being considered in order to fill a £3.5bn funding gap in the sector.

The report said the initial plans for creating the new insurance fund was put forward by former Minister for Health and Social care Jeremy Hunt.

“To an extent all bets are off now as we have a new Secretary of State, but it’s definitely under discussion. One idea is the plan would be voluntary,” a senior source said.

Former Cabinet Minister Damian Green backed the proposals and said: “If you need to spend more money the key thing is to try and make the payments fair across the generation. If people of a working age put money into an insurance premium, then older people who have property wealth should also be able to put a very small amount of wealth aside too. If you don’t then today’s 50-year-olds are not only paying for their own care, but the care of today’s 70-year-olds.”

Mr Green had previously revealed plans in February 2018 about a potential ‘dementia’ tax. For more information on the ‘dementia tax’ please visit the Care Home Professional website.


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