98-year-old dementia sufferer loses battle to stay in care home

Audrey is being moved to another care home. PHOTO: Derbyshire Live


A 98-year-old bedbound dementia patient has lost her battle to stay in her care home and will now face being moved to a more ‘appropriate care setting.’

Branston Court care home is described as a ‘friendly care homes that offers nursing and nursing dementia care.’

Audrey Ferrari can stay at her care home, Branston Court, Burton until other arrangements for her to live. A ‘best interest’ meeting was held on 2 August and was called by the homes provider, HC-One – operators of Branston Court.

Christine Ferrari, 66, and Audrey’s daughter, described the outcome of the meeting as ‘very sad’ and has warned that moving her mother to a new home risks ‘speeding up her death.’

Mrs Ferrari has vascular dementia and has been at Branston Court for nearly two years but was given 28 days’ notice to leave – she received this notice at the end of May.

Daughter Christine has been fighting to keep her mother in her home since receiving the notice but was informed HC-One are now looking for a place they feel is more suitable to her needs.

Christine said: “My mum is bedbound and unable to do anything for herself.”

Christine pays around £900 a month for her mum to be in the home, which is then ‘topped up’ by money from social service and the NHS.

Christine said: “I look at her in her bed and she is a little frail woman but unfortunately she has got a rather loud voice at time. It is very upsetting, but it is what it is. They have their viewpoint and I have mine but unfortunately, they don’t match.

It is very sad it’s come to this. My mum is very much the same. They are trying her on different medication and she is very sleepy. I saw her the other day and she was in bed, but the day before she was in the main lounge. She was a little bit shouty the carers said, much the same as she has been.”

Audrey has three sons and a daughter and moved the home in August 2016.

A spokesperson for Branston Court care home has said it is very rare for them to decide that it was in the best interests of the resident to be supported in a new home better equipped to meet their specific and complex needs.

“I am disappointed with the outcome. They are not going to change their stance in regard to my mum and what they are able to do,” said Christine.

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