Residents are walking their way to reducing isolation

Residents at Hartismere Place, Eye, England are putting their walking boots on to take part in an eight-week scheme that will aim to reduce social isolation, encourage independence and promote a healthy lifestyle for older people.

The Care UK home is working with Pargeter Fund and has organised for residents to explore Thornham Walks – a 12-mile stretch of the Thornham Estate.

Matthew Calver, manager of Hartismere Place, said: “Physical activity is great to improve the well-being of our residents, and is something that is very important to us here at Hartismere Place.”

Residents will be able to visit the estate once a week to walk around the parkland at their own pace.

“When we first started our relationship with Thornham Walks last year, it was brilliant to see how much the residents really thrived in the beautiful landscapes of the Thornham Estate,” said Mr Calver.

The care home first established their relationship with the estate in 2017, with funding now being agreed for the scheme.

Mr Calver said the home was delighted to have established a programme of activities and are looking forward to see the Estate change over the summer as it moves into Autumn – a great sensory experience for the residents.

The Pargeter Fund are friends of Thornham Walks and the Thornham Estate.

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