Fortune cook helping Pelton elderly with dementia

Fortune cookies are help those living with dementia in Pelton, North East, by having a therapeutic effect.

Residents at Pelton Grange Care Home have been making the cookies in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Chris Hogan-Hind, home manager at Pelton Grange Care Home, said: “We are always looking for activities to get the residents using familiar skills, especially for those living with dementia, as it has a very positive effect on their mood and wellbeing.

“Many of the residents used to cook for their families and friends, so the Chinese New Year was a good opportunity to get them involved in preparing a meal for fellow residents

“They thoroughly enjoyed making the fortune cookies and testing their culinary skills.”

The cookies were made by the home’s cooking enthusiasts before residents inserted their own handwritten fortunes.

Brenda Clifford, a resident at the home, said: “It was the best day in a long time, and I enjoyed watching the mixer going round and round.

“It was nice to go in the kitchen and see where our food comes from. I couldn’t believe the size.”

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