Working from the ground up: Joe’s journey to establishing a care business – week four

In our latest blog series, Joe was telling us [The Quality Care Campaign] about the delays he encountered on his journey to receiving a CQC registration. This week, Joe explains the documents he has to create in order to obtain that all important certification.

Applicants, at some point, during the process must complete policies they will be enforcing when they’ve set up their business. Joe did find this rather odd and struggled to complete them to their standard as he explains.

“The CQC needs copies of a lot of them. I have had to go in full-detail. They [CQC] haven’t provided me with templates or what information they want or need, they just give you basic points and then send you links to different legislations so I had to come up with policies using a combination of my own ideas, previous experience, Health and Social Care Act and make it readable.

“I formatted the work all myself because I didn’t want to take any chances. I’m really proud of these documents and I know full well that no-one is going to read them. I’ve spent so many weeks on these policies and the really frustrating thing is I’m good to go.

“I have my staff team, I’ve clients, my manager, my documents, computers, desks and chairs – I even have my own private router in my office. I’m sat here waiting to start my business, waiting to help the elderly who are in need of help, but the CQC won’t commit to a deadline. That’s the stress of this process; you don’t know when it will happen.”

Our final question to Joe was his thoughts on the guidelines of the overall CQC process. He said: “The guidelines are really vague. I’ve read some terrible stories of people. But I have done everything, I’ve ticked all the boxes, it’s so infuriating. Humans make mistakes.”

At the time of writing, Joe was eagerly awaiting his CQC interview regarding his business, finances and clientele. Since then, Joe has had his interview and has now received his CQC registration. So after all the stress, frustration and worry Joe has endured over the last 12 months, it truly was a happy ending for all.

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