United for all ages sends out fundraising appeal to develop care for all ages

United for all ages, a charity building stronger communities and country by bringing younger and older people together, has set up a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of 500 centres over the next five years.

The appeal has an aim to raise money, which will allow it to help local authorities and care – as well as housing and learning providers – to establish new centres and develop existing sites for all ages across the UK.

Legal & General, a financial services company, has pledged to support the campaign with a donation up to £5,000 – the final amount will depend on how much is raised online.

A spokesman for United for all ages said: “We hope to develop 500 shared sites, in which older people, young people and children can mix and share activities and experiences, across the UK by 2023.

Donations will allow us to advise and support the development of new centres through lessons, networking, research, events and a revamped website.”

The campaign follows on from a report published by the charity earlier this year, which recommended the sites be built to unite young and old people and tackle growing social divides in ‘Brexit Britain.’

The appeal has raised £22,505 with a target of £25,000 and runs until 26 September.

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