UK’s only virtual dementia tour comes to Romsey care home

A care home in Romsey welcomed the Mobile Virtual Dementia Tour last week.

The Mobile Virtual Dementia Tour is an innovative dementia training programmes designed to give people the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live with dementia.

Staff from Abbotswood Court, families and local carers were given the opportunity to participate in the mobile simulation and described the experience as a ‘Dementia Tardis.’

Participants were required to wear clothing and items that replicated the sensory symptoms of dementia, which included uncomfortable insoles that mimic the pins and needles of peripheral neuropathy.

The Tour is scientifically and medically proven to provide the closest simulation a healthy brain can experience of what dementia might be like.

The aim is to help people better understand dementia from the person’s point of view, change practice, reduce issues and improve lives.

Glenn Knight, managing director of Training 2 Care which provides the Virtual Dementia Tour in the UK, said: “We were pleased to visit Abbotswood Court and bring the first dementia tour of its kind in the UK to the care home.

“Giving carers, professionals, and family an insight into the world of people with dementia we hope to revolutionise care.”

Abbotswood has introduced a range of dementia initiatives over the past three years across Romsey and Hampshire.

Gemma Rideout Bowden, general manager at Abbotswood Court, said: “The virtual dementia tour was a real eye-opener for our team and the local carers who took part.

“It has given us a better understanding of how disorientating and distressing dementia can be for sufferers, something which we can now use to improve the specialist dementia services we offer to locals and residents.”

NHS trusts, councils, fire services, police and prisons across the UK have adopted the method.

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