UK care homes preparing for Care Home Open Day 2019

Care homes throughout the UK are preparing for Care Home Open Day on 28 June.

The theme of this event is art in care and ideas can be checked on the official care home open day website as to how to mark the occasion.

Sylvie Silver, executive director at National Activity Providers Association (NAPA), said: “Care Home Open Day is a great opportunity to invite the local community in to homes to share the amazing work that goes on in them.

“Many will routinely display visual arts but far more creative activities happen every day. Knitting groups, poetry clubs and fine arts discussions are just a few that I have seen recently.

“Lots will be happening on 28 June and I hope the general public will make the most of this opportunity to make friends with local home.”

Professor Martin Green OBE, chief executive of Care England, said: “Care is multifaceted and we want to encourage the therapeutic benefits of art for all those in need of care or those providing care.

“Now well established, Care Home Open Day, is a real marker in the calendar. I have been so enthused by the efforts that care homes have gone to and I am really looking forward to joining in the celebrations in June.” provides a suite of ideas for care homes allowing them to get creative on a small or big scale. With Spring around the corner some care homes are busy making paper flowers and fluffy chickens while others are busily decorating cakes for Mother’s Day and some warming up their voices in their choirs. There is something for everyone.

Vic Rayner, chief executive of National Care Forum (NCF), said: “I will be counting down the days to Care Home Open Day! I hope that care homes across the country are ready to ride the wave of interest in our sector as this year we turn our attention to arts in care.

“There are so many creative ways in which art has become centre stage within home – including poetry, authors reading, painting, modelling, theatre, opera, live music, craft workshops, art history and so much more. Get planning now – and get your care home firmly on the map for this June.”

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