Two care providers come together to help people fund long term care

Care England, partners of the Quality Care Campaign, and Busy Bees have joined forces to develop an innovative and practical solution to help people fund their long-term care.

The initiative was developed from the salary sacrifice scheme for childcare which Busy Bees develop.

John Woodward OBE, founder president of Busy Bees, said: “Our relationship with Care England will help open up options for inter-generational care. Faced with the demographic time bomb we need to have more money going into the system and a salary sacrifice scheme is one means of bringing innovation and promoting opening dialogue.”

Busy Bees and Care England share a passion for creating sustainable solutions to the long-term funding of social care and agree on the dire need for societal solutions rather than political ones in order to bring change.

Professor Martin Green OBE, chief executive of Care England, said: “Social care shouldn’t be seen in a vacuum. It is staggering how much common ground there is whether people are parents, carers, employees or employers.

“The salary sacrifice scheme invented by Busy Bees is an excellent means to make care more affordable alongside other ideas including those involving intergrational aspects. We need to think global but act local and judge on outcomes and whether it delivers.”

Professor Martin Green OBE and Mr Woodward have produced a podcast where they debate issues around the long-term funding of social care and call for a health dialogue to lead to a much-needed change in the sector.

To watch the podcast, click here.

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