The sound of music hits care homes across the UK as they partake in the last night of the proms

PHOTO: Live Music Now

Care homes throughout the UK joined the Care Quality Commission’s ‘Live Music in Care challenge’ to highlight the important role that live music can play.

The participating care homes celebrated the last night of the proms with live music, performance and dance, with more than 100 care homes taking part. The CQC also enjoyed their own session with Afro Samba in Wandsworth.

The CQC said the challenge served a greater purpose – other than seeing residents having a lot of fun – which was the transformative effect music has on people.

The CQC website said: “Taking part in music and music-making can have a great impact on your social and emotional wellbeing, and your quality of life. It can also remain a way of communication when speech is lost through dementia.”

Both residents and staff were seen to benefit from the ‘Live Music in Care challenge.’

Evan Dawson, Live Music Now, said: “Everyone at Live Music Now has been excited to work with the Care Quality Commission and care homes all around the country to celebrate the importance of Live Music in Care.

“We’ve been inundated with very moving stories and videos from across the country of older people creating music alongside musicians and care staff. In many care homes, music is clearly thriving – but there are still too many where live music in never made. At LMN, we will keep working to help every UK care home become a musical home.”


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