The latest technology that’s driving quality of life in dementia care

Person Centred Software has launched a new ‘Who I Am’ feature as part of its electronic evidence of care and care planning system, Mobile Care Monitoring.

The feature will allow care homes to share vital information about residents’ routines, life story and wishes from the care plan with carers via the mobile application.

Personalised routines are vital when caring for those living with dementia as it helps them to maintain their daily functions and minimise their anxiety.

A manager in a Sussex care home reported that the new feature helped a carer know how to support a resident when they were experiencing anxiety; the carer saw on ‘Who I Am’ that reading a prayer could soothe them.

Jonathon Papworth, co-founder and director of Person Centred Softward, said: “It became apparent to us that while administration software helps care providers’ efficiency, it doesn’t actually help those delivering care.

“Social care really only exists because of these people, so we decided to focus on improving the lives of the care staff users. With the new capability of ‘Who I Am’ at their fingertips, carers have all the information they need to further help and support their residents.”

‘Who I Am’ is modelled on Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘This is Me’ tool and other one-page profiles that are widely used in social care to improve the quality of information and ease of information sharing.

The information is available on carer’s devices, but the hospital pack provided within Mobile Care Monitoring automatically collates the information from residents’ ‘Who I Am’ profiles to ensure staff fully understand residents at every stage of their health and social care journey.

Person Centred Software’s ‘Who I Am’ software addition is electronic, meaning the information can be accessed at any time.

The electronic system is particularly important for new staff and agency staff and supports NICE best practice guidelines on dementia care.

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