Terrington St John care home to be replaced by a new dementia care service

The consultation about proposed changes at Burman House, NorseCare’s residential care home in Terrington St John, has now finished.

In September 2018, NorseCare proposed to close Burman House and to support the residents in finding a suitable place in another care home or extra care scheme.

Norfolk County Council assisted NorseCare to conduct a consultation on their proposal to close Burman House Care Home.

They asked people to:

  • Give their thoughts on the changes that NorseCare were proposing
  • Help NorseCare understand what the impact would be on residents of Burman House and their families
  • Share their thoughts about any other options that they might not have considered that would help NorseCare meet their objective of continuing to care for people, but in a more cost-effective way.

A total of 85 people formally responded to the consultation and responses were positive about the home and the care provided.

Norfolk County Council and NorseCare have worked closely together to look at the changing requirements for care and the specific need for specialist dementia care beds in west Norfolk.

NorseCare are now proposing the following:

  1. NorseCare will transform Burman House to a specialist dementia care home with the provision of 30 dementia beds.
  2. The residential care service at Burman House will cease
  3. NCC’s main concern is to support existing residents with the transition and residents may choose to continue to stay at Burman House is they wish to do so
  4. Social work staff will explore with existing residents whether they need or want to move to other sustainable accommodation during or after transition
  5. The transition will begin as soon as possible

Karen Knight, Managing Director of NorseCare, said: “There is a clear need for more dementia provision in the west of the county and I see a repurposed Burman House being an important part of meeting that need.”

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