Sunderland care home installs CCTV to make residents feel safer

Glenholme House installs CCTV in group decision

A Sunderland care home has installed CCTV cameras in communal areas and residents’ bedrooms in a move to be more transparent and ‘regain public confidence.’

Glenholme House has recently undergone a refurbishment and during the works, Wellburn Care Homes made the decision to install CCTV.

Rachel Beckett, executive chairman of Wellburn Care Homes, said: “We feel as a company that care homes have had negative press over the last few years and with the introduction of the Duty of Candour we feel this is a positive move, to show transparency within the industry and to regain confidence of the public.

“We feel this will show potential new residents and their families they have that extra element of safety.”

The care business carried out an investigation asking the opinions of staff, residents and relatives their views on the installation and Wellburn claimed the results showed everyone gave their consent.

Installing CCTV in care homes has been under scrutiny and part of a long debate with some families of abuse victims calling for widespread use, and media company The Daily Express starting a campaign for similar actions.

Glenholme House now has CCTV in all main areas except bathrooms and en-suites and has plans to roll the concept out across the Wellburn care home group.

Residents can have their cameras switched off at any time and a select few of the care team have access to CCTV footage.

Ms Beckett fully supports the campaign to make it mandatory for all care homes to have CCTV installed, saying ‘at some point we feel it is perhaps inevitable.’

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