Students near the seaside by the sea shore

PHOTO: Stamford Mercury


A group of students in Bourne have painted a colourful seaside mural on the wall of a care home as part of a community project.

The students carried out the work as part of their involvement with the National Citizen Service (NCS).

One of the students said she signed up to the service when NCS representatives visited her school, Bourne Academy and they had been placed in groups based on where they were from.

“In the first week of the NCS experience we got to know each other and did a whole lot of activities. The second week included figuring out where our social volunteering would be and the last two weeks was putting it into action,” said Willow James, one of the student volunteers.

The mural is placed in Qu’Appelle, Bourne and activities manager Vicky Elson said: “Some of our residents have fond memories of their holidays to the seaside. We love it and so do our residents, we are very happy.”

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