Retail therapy is the best therapy: Warrington care home opens shopping street

A care home in Lymm has created a shopping street within their home to allow residents to experience the outside world.

Staff at Keate House, Lymm came up with the idea to transform their basement space by introducing ‘Keate Street’ and add a bit of colour and life to it.

Keate Street has been designed to encourage and promote independence for the residents of Keate House. The street includes a refurbished salon, cinema, sweet shop and also a café.

The street was officially opened on June 29 by Rev Bev Jameson, Rector of St Mary’s, and has since been quite the success among residents.

To get to some of the places residents have to walk down the mock-street, which enables them to feel as if they are walking into town and having an outdoor experience.

Diane Clarkson, the care homes manager, said: “The residents absolutely love it, especially the shop, it gives them a lot of independence. We wanted to encourage and promote independence and give it a community feel.”

An indoor theatre allows residents to watch films and performances with staff encouraging a weekly trip there. Residents are then able to experience the whole cinema trip out by going to the shop to buy snacks at the popcorn machine and drinks for the film.

Staff hope to implement an independent street stall within the area, but residents can request anything they like to be stocked in the shop.

Keate House was rated ‘good’ by CQC in February 2018.

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