Practical recommendations for care providers

Care England, partners of the Quality Care Campaign and the largest representative body for independent providers of adult social care, has welcomed the publication of the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman’s good practice guide.

Professor Martin Green OBE, chief executive of Care England, said: “The guide shares lessons from complaints to help adult social care providers improve their services.

“It is a practical report with many useful strategies for providers and commissioners to take on board. It focuses on a range of issues including those in the CMA’s report thus allowing care providers more insight into public awareness.

“Best care is carried out in an open culture where complaints can be dealt with between staff, service users and families but where this is not the case the Ombudsman plays a vital role as investigator and adjudicator.”

The report focuses on fees, charges and contracts as well as offering helpful advice on other aspects such as personal belongings, giving notice and care planning.

The Ombudsman remedies individual injustice and improves services. Where its investigations have found fault, the Ombudsman makes recommendations to remedy that fault. This can come in the form of, for example, an apology, a financial payment or a reassessment of services. Ombudsman recommendations may also include wider improvements to services including revisiting training.

The report can be accessed by clicking here.

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