Pony stops in on residents at Yorkshire care home

Residents at a care home in Yorkshire welcomed a four-legged fury friend last week.

The care team and residents at RMBI Home Connaught Court in Fulford, York enjoyed a friendly visit from Glory, an American Miniature Horse.

Katy Smith, owner of K & L Pony Therapy, showed Glory around the home, even stopping in some residents’ rooms so they could be introduced.

Ms Smith said the residents were delighted to meet the affectionate little therapy horse, who was happy to be petted and stroked.

Stephanie Taylor, activities coordinator for the home, said: “It was lovely to see the reaction of our residents to the horse and to see the pleasure she brought. Her visit prompted a lot of funny stories and evoke some happy memories.

“Residents were able to get very close and could feel the horse’s breath, its mane and forelock, which was a particularly joyful experience for residents with visual problems. It’s fair to say that everyone was very pleased to experience a horse indoors!”

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