Plans approved for £15m Belong Beeston village

Planning permission has been granted for a former factory site in Nottinghamshire to be transformed into a £15 million care village.

The site will be changed in to a state-of-the-art facility for not-for-profit care village operator, Belong and the plans were approved by Broxtowe Borough Council, which will create in excess of 140 new jobs in the area.

Belong Beeston will follow the organisation’s acclaimed village model of care, combining choice, independence, an active lifestyle and a strong sense of community for over 100 residents and tenants.

The care village operator promotes a more personalised approach for people living with dementia through smaller household settings, where 24-hour support, including nursing care is provided.

Tracey Stakes, chief executive of Belong, said: “We are thrilled that plans have been approved for the new Belong Beeston care village, especially since it will be our first site in the East Midlands.

“Our next step is to work through some outstanding issues around drainage and traffic control so that we can complete the purchase of the land and go out to tender for construction.”

The new care village will offer specialist day care to enable people within the local community to take advantage of the amenities in a supported way.

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