Northern Ireland Health Trusts reassure residents’ families in wake of Dunmurry investigation

Dunmurry Manor is owned by Runwood Homes

Health Trusts in Northern Ireland have issued letters to families of Dunmurry’s nursing home residents in the wake of an abuse investigation.

The letters were issued following abuse claims at Runwood Home’s Dunmurry Manor service and aimed to reassure residents and their families.

A spokesman for the Health Trusts said: “Following the Commissioner for Older Peoples ‘Home Truths Report’ Belfast Trust wrote to all those who had relatives in Dunmurry Manor care home.

“In addition, and along with some other Health Trust we sent letters of reassurance to the wider population who have relatives in other nursing homes.

“The letter stresses that we take the care of our elderly residents very seriously and continue to review and monitor the care they receive from service providers.”

Runwood Homes has been in the media recently for receiving a £44m payout from the NHS over three years, and a whistle-blower claim staff aren’t listened to.

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