NHS Digital invests £800,000 to transform adult social care

PHOTO: NHS Digital

NHS Digital is supporting the creation of a ‘sector-led service’ to help independent care providers make better use of digital tools.

A £800,000 deal has been agreed to create the service, which was awarded by NHS Digital, to the members of Care Provider Alliance (CPA).

CPA will assess ‘current levels of digital maturity’ across the sector before helping providers make use of tools that are readily available.

Nic Fox, NHS Digital’s director of primary care and social care, said: “Enabling information to be shared safely and securely between the NHS, local government, and social care providers has the potential to really improve standards of care and the way that care is delivered.

“It’s really important to stress that the work being done here is by the sector, for the sector, which will help to move the digital standards conversation forward within the care provider community.”

Ian Turner, chairman of the Registered Nursing Home Association and speaking on behalf of the CPA, said: “We are really excited to be working with NHS Digital on this project.

“Safe and efficient information sharing has the potential to really transform the way care is delivered in the social care sector. What’s also really positive is the fact that all of the work will be done with collaboration with the social care sector, enabling the sector to drive the agenda.”

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