Former social care worker hopes new book will shine positive light on the industry

David Emery, a former social care worker, has written a book that he hopes will help change the negative views surrounding social care that are often portrayed in the media.

Full Metal Cardigan; Adventures on the Frontline of Social Work, is a chronicle of Mr Emery’s career in health and social care.

PHOTO: The Bolton News

Bury-born, Mr Emery said: “I wrote it to try and capture the humour and unpredictability that comes with working in this profession. I wanted to show that it’s not all about paperwork and unpleasantness but meeting with, and working alongside, interesting and inspiring people.”

Mr Emery first became interested in the social care industry when he was volunteering for a charity as well as working in residential homes. The book will include international notoriety for cheating in a pancake race, encounters with the supernatural, High Court appearances and his journey as a social care worker.

“It’s a very enjoyable career where no two days are the same and you never get bored. It’s very rewarding,” said Mr Emery.

Mr Emery will be holding a book signing in Waterstone’s Dorchester on 29 September, 12-1pm. Alternatively, you can buy his book here.

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