Filled with music Suffolk care home builds music room to help dementia sufferers

PHOTO: The Amwell Care Home

A care home in Melton, Suffolk has installed a fully-updated music room to help their residents suffering from dementia.

The Amwell is a residential, respite and dementia care home and the staff team at the care home wanted to use the space specifically for a music room because of the research that surrounds the importance of music therapy in the care of people with dementia.

The room was completely redesigned to make a range of different musical instruments available to residents and redecorated with colourful-themed artwork.

Laraine Lewis, activities co-ordinator at The Amwell, said: “After seeing the benefits that music has on our residents with dementia we knew it was really important to provide a permanent space just for music.”

Scientific research suggests music plays a large role in the therapy of dementia sufferers, as music can evoke emotions that bring memories, and also shifts mood, manages stress and prompts positive interactions.

“The science speaks for itself, but when we see our residents really respond to a therapy like they do to our music-based activities, it’s absolutely a no-brainer that we need to make it part of every day,” said Ms Lewis.

The music room has a grand piano, percussion for residents to play, and a juke-box as well as comfortable seating.

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