Employees with early onset dementia lack support in the workplace

Employees with early onset dementia are experiencing a lack of support at work including early dismissal, scientific journal Occupational Medicine found.

The research pulls 44 journal papers and articles together which explore the management of employees who developed dementia between 30 and 65 years.

It was found those working in low-paid or manual jobs were likely to experience an all or nothing response from their boss and are dismissed sooner than those in higher paid professions.

Young Dementia UK said: “There are around 42,000 people diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65 years and many of them are employed at the time of diagnosis.

“People with young onset dementia are often dismissed from their places of employment far earlier than they needed to be. Many individuals could have continued with their role if they had the appropriate support and reasonable adjustments made by their employer.”

Researchers have advised employers to take a more empathetic approach if they suspect an employee could have the condition.

Dr Richard Heron, Occupational Physician and co-author of the study, said: “There remains much stigma around mental health, and particularly the ‘D’ word, Dementia which is perhaps becoming as feared as the ‘C’ word that cancer was.

“With earlier detection and anticipation of more effective treatments on the horizon, a diagnosis of early dementia should not mean the immediate end of a working life. People will have a range of capabilities that do not change overnight once a diagnosis is made.

“They will have differing reserves to draw on, and differing home and work demands to take into consideration. With the right support, care and occupational advice, many will be able to continue safe, healthy and productive employment, well beyond their diagnosis.”

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