Derbyshire care home postcard project ‘spirals’

A care home in Derbyshire for people living with dementia has received thousands of holiday postcards following an appeal.

Carers are Cedar Court care home in Bretby, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, asked for holiday stories and has responses from about 1,000 people that have now been shared with residents.

The postcards have arrived from resorts throughout the UK and all over the world such as Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

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Louise Baker, from the care home group, said the project ‘spiralled’ after an appeal on the home’s Facebook page.

The home was receiving on average 30 to 40 postcards a day and bought residents ‘happy tears of nostalgia.’

“We hoped that residents would see pictures and read about events such as ice cream, and chips on the beach, and remember their own childhoods or time spent with their children growing up.

“The postcards have been given residents something to smile about, they are so excited that strangers want to send them mail, and find out about their lives,” said Ms Baker.

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