Department of Health and Social care say new NHS plan to be published alongside social care green paper

The Department of Health and Social care (DHSC) have revealed discussions are already underway with sectors over forthcoming policy document that is due to be published with the social care green paper in the Autumn.

The DHSC pledged the government’s forthcoming social care green paper will not lead to a ‘protracted debate’ on the future of the sector but committed to a funding plan for the sector as part of next year’s Spending Review.

The DHSC agree with the Public Accounts Committee’s report on the adult social care workforce in England when it was recommended “the forthcoming green paper must not be the start of yet another protracted debate about the future funding of care.

The government have claimed the social care green paper will set out the departments proposals for the reform of the sector to put it on a more sustainable future footing.

The report said: “The 2015 Spending Review made funding available to support councils to continue to focus on core services and to increases the prices they pay for care, including to cover the costs of the National Living Wage.

Recognising the challenges of an ageing and growing population, the Spring Budget in March 2017 also announced £2bn of new funding for social care between 2017-18 and 2019-20, ensuring councils could take immediate action to fund care packages for more people, support social care providers, and relieve pressure on the NHS locally.”

It was also revealed by the DHSC the social care green paper would be published alongside a new plan for the NHS. Completing both together will “integrate plans for social care with the new NHS plan,” it added – both plans will now be published in the Autumn.

The Committee’s report called on the DHSC to publish a credible plan by the end of 2018 and implement it swiftly.

The government replied saying they agreed with the recommendation but added the right time for agreeing adult social care funding is through the Spending Review process in 2019 as opposed to the green paper.

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