Daughter furious over claims her mother wanted to stay at Runwood Ballymena, Northern Ireland care home

The daughter of an 89-year-old woman injured at Northern Ireland care home, Rose Court, has said claims her family wanted their mum to remain at the Northern Ireland care home.

Fiona O’Neill has expressed her horror at a claim by Runwood Homes that her mother turned down alternative accommodation because she wanted to stay at the home.

Her mother, Margaret O’Neill, is in hospital battling pneumonia after being found on the floor in the early hours of the morning earlier this month.

Rose Court, Ballymena is run by Runwood Homes

Ms O’Neill said the accident follows on from a several problems she’s experienced with her mother’s care that prompted the family to make decisions to move Mrs O’Neill.

In response to complaints about Mrs O’Neill’s care, a spokeswoman from Runwood Homes said: “For legal and professional reasons, we cannot go into the specifics of care for individual residents. However, we can say this resident was offered alternative accommodation on several occasions and turned them down as she wishes to remain at Rose Court.”

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised. That’s completely obvious from the way they rang us when mum was in A&E after falling at their home and telling us they had discharged her.

“They didn’t even have the courtesy to ask about my mum’s welfare. They’ve no regard for our family who have been horrified at how my mother has been treated or the distressed they’ve caused all of us,” said Ms O’Neill.

Runwood Homes has faced a lot of controversy in recent months, from being paid £44m by the NHS over the last three years to its recent findings into the conditions of Dunmurry Manor.

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