D-Day survivor aged 98 calls WW2 ‘pretty rough’

William Glen poses with his published novels. Credit: Bield Housing and Care

A 98-year-old D-Day survivor has published a novel about World War Two, describing his experiences at Normandy as ‘pretty rough.’

William Glen goes by the pseudonym Glen Williams and is best known for his action novels about mafia bosses, South American drug lords and lottery-winning pensioners.

Mr Glen now lives in sheltered housing and was among the Allied forces who crossed the English channel and landed on the Normandy beaches, beginning the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control during World War II.

His decision to write about his own life account of his part in the land operations on 6 June 1944, was not easy for Mr Glen as it brought back harrowing memories.

He said: “It was pretty rough – we were in action and fighting for two days when both of my legs were badly wounded by a mortar bomb.

“I lost four of my platoon at the same time. I would have been 23 then, but the chap next to me who died was only 18. I don’t know what his life was like; if he lived with his parents or had a wife.

“That’s the thing about the army, you’re all good friends but you know nothing about their social lives.”

Mr Glen, although he survived, was forced to leave his remaining platoon as he was taken away by stretcher.

Mr Glen continued: “It’s easy to think back, I do it all the time. The war was almost 80 years ago and I wanted to write about it now because in five years’ time it will be just history. There’ll be no survivors left.”

The author will be donating all proceeds from the sale of his book to Erskine home for Veterans.

“The book about me, that’s just a one off.”

You can purchase ‘Single File’ by Glen Williams on Amazon Kindle.

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