CRG saves Allied Healthcare and vows not to break up portfolio

CRG has saved home care firm Allied Health, just a few days after it was predicted to cease operations.

Allied Healthcare was on the verge of bankruptcy and was expected to cease operations by 30 November, but new owners CRG has promised it will not break up or abandon Allied Healthcare’s home care services.

Prior to the deal being made, some local authorities and CCGs terminated their contracts with Allied Healthcare and transferred services.

Tristan Ramus, chairman of Health Care Resourcing Group (HCRG) said: “We have no intention of breaking up Allied Healthcare and our aim is to ensure that no part of the country is left abandoned by this transfer of all services.

“We intend to bring the care provider back to full strength; however, this will require time and the full support of all stakeholders.”

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) issued a warning to Allied Healthcare in November about its financial instability and notified 84 local authorities that the home care provider may not be able to continue operating past 30 November.

Since the CQC’s warning was issued, many local authorities have taken steps to find new care providers. CRG has urged local authorities ‘to consider the potential disruption that could be caused by transferring services, particularly at this time of year.’

Ian Munro, CRG’s group chief executive, said: “Allied Healthcare is a natural and excellent fit for CRG, which has been operating successfully across the sectors it works in for over 18 years, and we would encourage carers across the UK to join us in helping deliver the same levels of exceptional care service users have become accustomed to from the HCRG Group.”

CRG are privately owned and managed and have delivered direct healthcare and home care services for over 18 years.

The CRG company are confident that under Allied Healthcare’s new CEO, Narinder Singh, all stakeholders can be reassured that there will be no break in service.

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