CQC team up with eight health and social regulators to help share concerns

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is among eight health and social care regulators and other bodies who signed a new agreement to help share concerns with each other more effectively.

The ‘Emergency Concerns Protocol’ will aim to provide a clearly defined mechanism for regulators to share information and intelligence that may indicate risks to residents and users of services, their carers, families or professionals.

CQC shared on their website: “We know that sharing concerns at the right time can make it easier to notice that a problem is emerging. We believe that working together more effectively can reduce duplication by encouraging our organisations to come up with joint plans when we share similar concerns. This protocol will help ensure regulators are transparent with the public, providers and professionals about the way we work together.”

The new protocol will strengthen existing arrangements for sharing emerging concerns between regulators and will work together to review and evaluate the process to make sure it works for providers, professionals and people who use care services.

This is part of an evolving agreement which will look to build on strong existing relationships, and the CQC website says NHS England and NHS Improvement are supportive of the emerging concerns working group.

The CQC website said: “The protocol currently covers England only, and the regulators with responsibility for regulating across the UK or Great Britain will continue to work collaboratively with the relevant national organisations in the home countries.”

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