Cornwall Council plans to create 3,500 ‘Extra Care’ housing units

Cornwall Council has said it will create 3,500 ‘Extra Care’ housing units across the country by 2025 as part of a plan to help elderly and vulnerable people to remain as independent as possible.

The Council seeks to remodel existing buildings as well as develop new ones where the market is “less responsive.” The Council added it is currently looking to recruit a strategic partner to develop an initial 750 units across towns in Cornwall.

According to the Projecting Older People Population Information System (Poppi), the number of people across Cornwall aged 65 and above is predicted to increase by approximately 80% by 2030. With an rapidly ageing population, it is expected there will also be increases in illness and disabilities – resulting in an increasing demand for more care and support services.

Councillor Rob Rotchell, Cornwall Council’s cabinet portfolio holder for adults, said: “These will be self-contaminated homes with their own front doors where people have access to care and support when they need it.

People often think about downsizing their homes as they get older so Extra Care is an attractive option when planning for possible care and support needs in the future.”

Cornwall Council hosted an event in St Austell earlier this month where housing companies, care providers and property developers were all invited to learn more about ‘Extra Care’ housing options, the sorts of facilities they are and how they are funded.

The event was the beginning of a conversation to test the proposals before a formal selection process for a strategic partner begins in Autumn.

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