Colchester ‘cheeky monkeys’ pupils visit care home

Two generations came together for a day in the care home to sing and dance.

Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery in Colchester visited Tall Trees Care Home for a day of fun activitives, to boost both generations self-confidence and bring them out of their shells.

Tracy Hughes, manager at Cheeky Monkeys, said: “We also go to Foxburrow Grange in Colchester.

“We believe it makes a real different for all of our children. They go once a week between the two care homes.

“They do dancing, arts and crafts, reading, it depends on what the elderly residents want to do.

“It’s really important the residents and children can just be who they need to be.”

She said the visits have made a huge difference to confidence levels.

Ms Hughes said: “One man at the home hadn’t spoken much since he had been living there, but one of our children started talking to him about cars and he started up a conversation.

“We don’t tend to plan what happens in the visits, for the children it’s about personal, social and emotional development.

“They can be just themselves and it works on their confidence, no-one judges them. Some children don’t have grandparents, they don’t have that sort of life outside nursery so it’s beautiful to watch.”

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