Cheshire care home uses pies to help with dementia

A care home in Widnes, Chesire are using pies to help its residents living with dementia to recall their younger days.

The texture, sights, taste and smells of this favourite dish were used as part of an active minds session at Halton View Care Home.

The care team staff organised the activity to coincide with National Pie Day, when they asked to residents what their favourite ingredients were.

Residents were shown pictures of various sweet and savoury pies and asked to name different types.

Victoria Brown, home manager at Halton View Care Home, said: “Multi-sensory activities like this, using smells, tastes and sights, have a therapeutic effect on those living with dementia.

“So we’re always looking for different ways to engage residents and get them thinking about the past.

“National Pie Day offered the opportunity to discuss a dinner time favourite of many of the residents.

“We asked them to recall memories of making pies and what ingredients they need to make the pastry and fillings.

“The response was amazing. Everyone got involved and had an opinion on the best pie – from meat and potatoes to apple pie with custard.”

Residents were treated to a buffet dinner, with a wide selection of pies to choose from.

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