Brexit risks and low pay shortage of more than 350,000 care workers

Low pay and Brexit is predicted to create a shortfall of more than 350,000 social care staff in England by 2028, The Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR) reports.

The IPPR has predicted the shortfall is due to Brexit’s limits on EU migration and recruitment issues.

The report, linked to the issue of the Government’s underfunding of social care, said: “Our modelling shows that – on current trends, and assuming the ending of freedom of movement – there will be a shortage of nearly 400,000 workers [in adult social care].”

One in three care workers are on a zero-hours contract, the IPPR report quotes care workers who say low pay requires colleagues to work excessive hours or multiple jobs and describes ‘widespread use of zero-hours contracts’ which leave many staff in an insecure position.

The IPPR recommend the Government ensure all care workers are paid at least the real living wage. The report estimates all social care worked to the real living wage in England would require a funding boost of an extra £445m.

The report also advised the Government organise a long-term social care solution, with a 1p increase in National Insurance.

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