Borough Care kick the ball into the next court

Borough Care have set up Kung Fu squash sessions for residents as part of its regular sports and exercise programme.

Smashing their way through the courts. PHOTO: Care and Nursing

Kung Fu squash is known as a dementia friendly sport where people hit a weighted balloon with a racket and the goal is not to let it touch the ground.

Kung Fu squash is one of a number of different activities set up by Borough Care. The company is also signed up to programmes provided by Life Leisure, including SMILE – Simple movements improve life every day – a new low impact and gentle exercise concept.

Edward Coverley, activities and lifestyle facilitator at Borough Care, said: “Since we recently introduced Kung Fu squash to our activity programme, it has proved particularly popular with our residents who used to enjoy tennis, badminton or other racket sports in their younger days. The game really brings out people’s competitive nature, as the balloon is literally thrashed around the group.”

Borough care are looking to increase the competitive element of the game by linking up with other care organisations to compete against.

Sophie Gardiner, Area Support at Borough Care, comments: “Participating in sport and exercise has many physical and mental health benefits for older people, including helping them become stronger, reducing stress, socialising and boosting self-esteem.  At Borough Care, we are keen to enable our residents to experience all the wellbeing benefits of staying active by organising lot of different activities for them.”

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