Bexley set to make big changes in adult social care

An overhaul in how social care is provided is set to be given the green light in Bexley.

With an increasingly ageing population with more complex needs, Bexley councillors are set to approve a revamp in how care is provided.

Bexley will experience an increase in its use of voluntary and private organisations and save funds on temporary staff.

New plans suggest reducing the ‘footprint’ of council services by having low level assessments carried out by third parties.

A report said: “It is increasingly difficult for councils with social services responsibilities to juggle social care demand growth with all of their other public service duties.

“Councils, therefore, are having to find different and imaginative ways to meet the demographic challenge.

“We know we have and will continue to have greater and more varied needs within the population with proportionately less funding.”

According to a council spokesman, third parties are not currently allowed to make basic care assessments.

“Instead, referrals are made to adult social care, which involves bureaucracy and delay,” a council statement said.

The new procedures, which would be consulted on with staff, would have third party and voluntary groups undertaking low level assessment work for “people they already know and support”.

If accepted, there would be a smaller role for council’s adult social care, reducing the spend on agency staff and freeing up to £500,000.

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