Age UK calls for free TV licences to remain free for over 75s

Credit: Age UK

Age UK is petitioning the Government to take back responsibility for providing free TV licences for over 75s.

TV can be a lifeline for older people and when mobility issues mean individuals struggle to get out and about, TV can help older people stay connected.

In 2015, the Government quietly pushed the job of providing free TV licences to the BBC, with only limited public consultation and without the funding required to properly sustain the programme – now the BBC is considering removing the right to free TV licenses for the over 75s.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said: “Despite recent progress, there are still significant numbers of older people living on very low incomes who would genuinely struggle to pay the licence fee if required to do so.”

Half of over 75s are living with a disability and many of them rely on their TV for companionship and entertainment.

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