Administrators called to a Bristol care home

Administrators were called to a Bristol care home that fell into operational and working capital difficulties after an extension was built.

Mark Boughey and Adrian Allen of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP were appointed as joint administrators of Woodlands Manor Care Home earlier this month.

Mr Boughey said: “We are working hard to stabilise the care home’s operations and maintain its going concern position. We are working closely with the Care Quality Commission, the local authority, the residents and their families. We hope to secure the long-term future of the home through a sale in the coming months.

“We would welcome any interested parties coming forward who may have an interest in acquiring the facility.”

The administrators has said there had been delays with the building extension project and said their appointment should enable to project to continue into completion.

They are working with staff to maintain the continuity of service to the home’s 30 residents.

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