93% of Britons agree with putting cameras in care homes is a good idea

The Daily Express are running a ‘crusade’ to install CCTV cameras in care homes, following a string of shocking incidents.

It was revealed 93% of Britons supported the use of surveillance cameras in care homes to protect vulnerable people from abuse and neglect. The survey showed more than 1,000 people called for the care industry to ‘no longer bury its head in the sand’ when it came to the protection of vulnerable people.

Dominic Grieve, former attorney general, is raising the issue in Parliament on 5 September and said: “The size of the concern expressed reflects the desire to see improvements in quality of care. CCTV would help this.

Ben Wilson, security monitoring expert for Care Protect and commissioner for the research, said: “People are saying enough is enough and something must be done to ensure that older and vulnerable people are cared for and supported in safe environments.”

An approximation of 16,000 care homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and at least 100,000 safeguarding referrals have been investigated, but many have been hampered due to a lack of evidence since 2013.

There is no current requirement for providers to monitor communal areas, but campaigners say residents, their families and carers would all benefit.

The Daily Express is fighting for Britain’s pensioners through their Respect For The Elderly crusade, which pushes for a new law making cameras compulsory in all care home areas.

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