84-year-old Derbyshire care home travels the world from the comfort of her chair

Muriel seeing the world in ultimate comfort

An 84-year-old resident and her neighbours at a Derbyshire care home are being taken around the world on a series of country-themed activity days.

Muriel Topps has been to the Caribbean, European hotspots and more all through these country-themed activity days.

She said: “I’ve been on many cruises in my time and my favourite was when I visited Venice. These ‘day trips’ have been lovely and bring back many happy memories from travelling with my family.”

Fellow residents Joyce Douglas and Monica Baxter have been thoroughly enjoying the activity days with Ms Douglas adding: “It was the Caribbean last month which has been my favourite so far as it means I could share my culture with everyone.”

Residents were treated to Caribbean cuisine, drums for entertainment and even rum punch for them to enjoy.

Ms Baxter said: “I didn’t think I’d still be learning about new countries, this is a really great idea and brings everyone together to learn different things about different countries.”

Dave Godrich, Kiwi House manager, said: “Sometimes you have to get creative and that’s exactly what we have done with our residents cruise days.

“Travel has been a big part of many of our residents’ lives with some never venturing too far away from home so I wanted to provide residents with the opportunity to get a flavour of new countries.”

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