‘£650m to prop up the broken social care system only just staves off total collapse,’ leading charity says

The Alzheimer’s Society has responded to the news of an £650m being made available for social care, announced in Monday’s budget speech.

The extra budget is in addition to the £240m announced by Matt Hancock, the health and social care secretary, last month.

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive at the Alzheimer’s Society, said: “£650m to prop up the broken social care system only just staves off total collapse. It does nothing for people with dementia who are footing the bill themselves, while people with other diseases are getting free support through the NHS.

“We’re told austerity is over, but people living with dementia have been forgotten, and the budget was a missed opportunity to end this injustice. Now the pressure is on for the Government to create a properly funded and joined-up system that can deliver high quality dementia care.”

Phillip Hammond delivered his Autumn budget on Monday and stated the funding would all councils to improve services for older people with disabilities while longer term funding decisions will be made at the Spending Review.


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