1 in 8 care homes have never received a ‘good’ by CQC

OlderLivingMatters has discovered one in eight care homes have never received a ‘good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). CQC has revealed 2,108 care homes have yet to receive a ‘good’ rating since the regulations changed in 2014.

OlderLivingMatters website said: “This means England’s care homes are failing the elderly and vulnerable people on a scale unimaginable.”
CQC rates each home based on safety, effectiveness, responsiveness, leadership and caring. They are then given an overall rating of ‘outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate.’
A spokesperson for the CQC said: “There are still too many services that are rated as ‘requires improvement’ which is a real concern as it means people are living in these services can’t rely on consistent, good quality care, which is what they and their families have every right to expect.”

At the minute, if a care home receives a ‘requires improvement’ they won’t have another inspection for a further 12 months once the report has been released – during this time, a home could go from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘inadequate’ putting the vulnerable at unnecessary risk.
The spokesperson continued: “The adult social care system needs to take this problem seriously. We should not be content that people in vulnerable circumstances can’t rely on the care and support we would want our own loved ones to experience.”

Currently only 294 homes in the UK have an ‘outstanding’ rating from CQC, with 2,841 homes being ‘requires improvement.’ The spokesperson for CQC said by working together, providers, commissioners, funders, regulators and other key partners need to ensure quality really does matter.

By Tamara Birch

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